An enrolment drive for Auckland’s new migrant communities

Get health advice from a registered nurse, or discuss wider issues with Citizens Advice of the Health & Disability Comission.


Healthline link)

0800 611 116

Healthline is a Government free telephone advice service. Trained registered nurses can talk with you if you’re feeling unwell but not sure whether you need to see a doctor, or need some urgent advice about a family member or friend who’s sick. They can arrange an interpreter if you need language support. The service is free, confidential and is available 24-hours, 7 days. 


시민 상담소 (Citizens Advice Bureau) link)

정착을 포함한 여러 다양한 문제에 대한 정보와 조언 및 지원을 해드리며 모든 서비스이며 비밀이 보장됩니다 (Provides confidential information, advice and support for a wide range of issues including settlement)


시민상담 랭귀지 커넥트 (Citizen's Advice Bureau Language Connect) link)

20개국 이상의 언어로 도움을 받을수 있습니다(Get help in one of more than 20 languages at CAB Language Connect).


Health & Disability Commission link)

0800 112 223

You have the right to be treated with respect by health & disability providers. Any concerns or wish to complain, contact the organistion/service that provided your care or the Health & Disability Commission (HDC).