An enrolment drive for Auckland’s new migrant communities

Video overviews on the NZ Health System in English.


뉴질랜드 보건 시스템  비디오 자료 (Video podcast on the NZ Health System)

뉴질랜드 보건 & 장애 지원 시스템 (영어) (20분)
NZ health & disability system (English) (20mins)(external link)


유용한 링크들 (Bite-sized chapters) 

영어 (2-5분 분량의 비디오들)

뉴질랜드 보건 &  장애 지원 시스템에 관한 간략한 개요 (Quick overview of the NZ Health & Disability System)(external link)
여러분 지역의 가정의 (Your local family doctor)(external link)
공립 병원 (Public Hospitals)(external link)
건강관리를 위해 어디로 가야 할까요? (Healthcare where to go?)(external link)
언어 지원이 필요한가요? (Need language support?)(external link)
처방약 받는곳 (Where to get your medications)(external link)
뉴질랜드의 지원 제도들 (Schemes in NZ)(external link)
Services for children(external link)
Looking after our teeth(external link)
Know how to PLAN your visits(external link)


Navigating the New Zealand Disability System

Disability Connect(external link)
There are seven short videos (around 10 minutes each) to introduce parents to the New Zealand disability sector. 
The videos are recorded in English and produced in three versions. One has English subtitles, one has Korean subtitles and one has simplified Chinese subtitles.
English version(external link)
Korean subtitles(external link)
Chinese subtitles(external link)


Safety in the city

ATEED(external link)
Students (and visitors) that are new to Auckland or that want to find out more about how to stay safe during their time in Auckland can watch the video below. It gives some useful tips on how to behave in dangerous or difficult situations.
Watch the 'Safety in the city' video here(external link)